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Hello loyal King?s Row Gastropubians! This event marks a very sentimental moment for the King?s Row Family. Brooks Dillard is a friend of King?s Row (although he?s only 4 months and 2 days old) and he?s been through a lot! Below is his (and his family?s) story. We here at King?s Row feel that we?re a part of a great community of humans and want to do all we can to help this family. Please join us and Oasis Church Pasadena in raising funds for this family in need!

Here?s how King?s Row will be raising funds for Brooks Dillard:

1. We will have special beers on tap that 100% of the proceeds will go to the family of Brooks Dillard to help pay for the astronomical hospital bills, travel costs, food, etc.

2. King?s Row Gastropub is going to match donations with the beers that are sold!

3. on Tuesday SEPTEMBER 3rd, we will be holding a silent auction that will have all kinds of AMAZING beer/brewery swag available (including a NEW BELGIUM BICYCLE!!!!!!). All the funds raised by this cooler than cool silent auction will also go to the Dillard family!

Here?s why the Dillard family needs our help:

Brooks Dillard was born full term on April 26th 2013 ? On June 19th 2013 when Brooks was just 8 weeks old, he stopped breathing and started turning blue while mom, Tracy, was changing his diaper. When Tracy picked him up, Brooks was able to start breathing again but she and dad, Rory, called 911. While waiting for the ambulance and on the way to the hospital, Brooks stopped breathing a number on times and a breathing tube was immediately inserted when they reached the ER.
At this point his heart rated slowed so they had to do chest compression and CPR to keep his heart going, which resulted in several broken ribs. Later, via x-ray they diagnosed Brooks with a collapsed lung along with the broken ribs, but still didn?t know what the overall reason for his breathing to stop was. The next day Brooks was transported to Seattle Children?s Hospital where he could be given more specialized care.
After a week in hospital the Dillards had an official diagnoses: Brooks had a Double Aortic Arch- meaning his aorta had spit into two pieces and grown around his trachea constricting his breathing and not allowing his heart to function properly. On June 29th Brooks underwent surgery to correct the Double Aortic Arch, which was successful. However the trachea?s growth had been so restricted that it still would not stay open and allow Brooks to breath. The trachea would require another surgery but as of July 15th, the doctors feel that because he is so little and is still recovering from the heart surgery, they cannot operate for another 2 weeks. During little Brooks? hospitalization, his mom & dad, Tracey and Rory, have not been able to hold and snuggle their baby which has been VERY hard on Tracey and Rory.

Rory Dillard is Biomedical Equipment Special Dillard, in our Armed Forces and is stationed at Ft. Lewis. The Dillards also have a 6 year old, Sebastian, and a 2 year old, Morgan who are having a hard time coping with how much Tracey and Rory have to spend in the hospital with Brooks (the hospital is 50+ miles from Fort Lewis where Rory is stationed). Also hanging over their heads is Rory?s potential deployment, he has been told that it?s hopeful that he will not have to deploy because of Brooks? situation, but he is still going through deployment training in case they do not have enough men and need him to go. All in all, the family is going through a hard time right now and we want to be the ones to rise up and help. What better way to help than to drink a beer or eat some food!?!?!? If anyone wants to make a donation that goes directly to the family, please contact our GM, James Willis at 626.793.3010.


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